Test & Development

Do you want access to feedback and tests from users and employees in municipalities, hospitals and other health operators? CHC's Test & Innovation Environments seek solutions to various challenges and issues.
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Sensory Stimuli

Albertslund Municipality examines how light as sensory stimuli affects various health conditions in elderly  citizens in both private and municipal housings.

Technical Advanced Simulation

Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation (CAMES) is a test and innovation environment for development of technologies integral to simulations based training of surgeons.

B2C Smart Home Solutions

Helsingborg Municipality's test environment works to find new methods and tools to delivering solutions to people's homes and create conditions for an independent everyday life.

Multi Chronic Citizen Care

Bornholm Development Hospital tests patient-centered solutions and creates safe and coherent treatment courses across hospitals, municipalities and general practice.

Image Diagnostics

The CT Innovation Unit tests and develops new methods for advanced image diagnostics, patient involvement and workflow optimization, which will ensure better understanding of the diagnosis.

Future health and care professionals

The Practice & Innovation House offers simulation environments, where students and businesses create the new generation of healthcare professionals.

Communicative disabilities

The Communications Center is a specialized center that offers rehabilitation and innovative solutions for citizens with communicative and cognitive difficulties.

Risk Markors for accelerated aging

The Clinical Research Center at Hvidovre Hospital is a test environment for technologies that can identify risks of disease and premature age related weakening.

Support for children with autism

Lykkegard is a residence for children and young people with autism, and is interested in dialogue with businesses concerning development of digital communication solutions.

Welfare Technologies in Hospitals

VihTek is a research center that works with development, testing and implementation of aids and welfare technological solutions in the Capital Region's hospitals

Physical surroundings for disabled

Jonstrupvang residence for people with disabilities is testing and developing technological solutions that enables residents with spastic paralysis the freedom to control their physical environment.