A Growing Demand

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster works with all stakeholders to facilitate need driven healthtech innovation to meet the needs of an aging population.

Due to an aging population and a growing group of chronically ill patients, Denmark along with the rest of the world is facing increasing demand for healthcare services. As a result, the Copenhagen region has decided to work actively to provide improved citizen-centred solutions for hospitals, institutions, elderly homes, and home care.

Implementing these changes will involve all stakeholders in the region, including the public sector, knowledge institutions and, small and large innovative companies.

A leading region for developing and testing healthcare solutions

The Copenhagen region has several key strengths that make it an ideal centre for developing and testing healthcare solutions. These include major public sector healthcare investments in new hospitals, easy access to electronic health records, citizens who are highly adaptive to new technologies, an established network of test-centres and living labs, and a strong base of academic institutions and innovative small and medium-sized companies.

Increasing opportunities for all healthcare partners in the region

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster (CHC) helps the public sector, healthcare industry and academia utilise these strengths. It encourages partners from these sectors to work together to identify key areas of need and then create innovative healthtech solutions that can be developed, tested and showcased in the Copenhagen region, before being exported abroad.

CHC will achieve this by:

  • Stimulating and facilitating needs-driven innovation projects and procurement processes.
  • Facilitating the scaling-up, testing and implementation of new solutions in the Danish healthcare system, including removing roadblocks in the adoption process.
  • Improving understanding of international markets and supporting small and medium-sized companies when exporting solutions globally.
  • Attracting international key players, technologies, solutions and investments in order to grow the local industry.
  • Facilitating collaboration between citizens, the public sector, knowledge institutions and private companies.