About us

Healthy Growth

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster (CHC) connects businesses, municipalities and regions and bring them together to develop and implement digital healthcare solutions. With our efforts, we aim to contribute to the political agenda concerned with the establishment of Healthy Growth – better healthcare in the public healthcare sector and growth for businesses that develop solutions, that can deal with future healthcare challenges.

Why is it important?

The Danish Health Care system is under pressure. The aging population is growing and many live increasingly long lives – with chronic conditions. This fact has set health budgets under a lot of pressure and the need for smarter and more cost-effective healthcare solutions is increasing.

The digital development will fundamentally change the ways we solve tomorrow’s healthcare challenges. On a far earlier stage we will be able to predict diseases and conditions in individuals and consequently, the healthcare solutions of the future will have a strong focus on prevention.

In this regard, Danish healthcare data possess a global growth potential, since the Danish National Patient Registry has been keeping records that date 30-40 years back, thereby making it one of the oldest nationwide hospital registries in the world. For example, the heritability of a wide range of cancer types has been mapped using data from the Danish registries. As new solutions to decode and understand data are developed, we can benefit these types of insights more intelligently and thereby avoid unnecessary courses of disease, hospitalizations and deaths.

In short, Denmark could much likely be one of the places in the world to develop new digital healthcare solutions.

How is the value released?

This development will not happen by its own. It demands cooperation and comprehension across sectors – the healthcare sector must increase its focus on cooperating with the private sector with regards to research, development and innovation. The need for increased cooperation is also needed between and across municipalities. Investment in digital technologies are financially heavy, and the need for municipalities and hospitals to make joint investments is also great.

CHC strives to accelerate this development by offering decision makers i municipalities and regions an overview of digital healthcare solutions available on a national and global scale. At the same time, CHC is a catalyst in testing and developing new solutions that can implemented into practice – Initially in Denmark, and subsequently as a global export.

CHC is coordinated by Copenhagen Capacity