About Data Saves Lives

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster established Data Saves Lives in fall 2017. The partnership brings together health actors across public and private sectors.

Danish health data contains knowledge that can provide health professionals, researchers and businesses a better insight into illness and treatment.

The Data Saves Lives' partnership works to improve the access to and use of Danish health data for the benefit of patients, citizens and communities, while maintaining a high level of security around all data.

Conferences with focus on better use of health data

The partnership has held two conferences in the Royal Exchange Hall, focusing on better use of health data.

In 2018, the partnership presented three concrete solutions for better use of health data, which were presented and discussed with great attendance by politicians, researchers and the business community. The three solutions have since been enrolled in the Government's strategy "Future Health''.

In 2019, the partnership presented three analyzes that from different angles, highlight the benefits of better use of health data for research, development, patients and communities.

Watch the video from the conference in 2019 below with English subtitles. You can read more and download all the materials in Danish from the 2018 conference here and from the 2019 conference here.

See the video from the conference in 2019 below

Download the report: Better use of health data

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Better use of health data
The report from May 2018 describes Data Saves Lives' three solutions to better use of health data

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