Danish Healthcare Data

CHC is working on developing a Healthcare Data Exchange – an online catalogue listing Danish healthcare databases that will give a better overview of existing healthcare data and application procedures.

Denmark is a pioneer in collecting data about births, deaths and diseases – these data are an integral part of the welfare society’s spine. Danish healthcare data are stored in several hundred registers and databases that can be difficult to navigate in.

This means that Danish researchers and businesses use roughly 80 % of their time identifying relevant sources of data and applying for access, while only 20 % of their time is spent on analysis.

Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster wants to create an overview of available data and to map methods and application requirements concerning the use of data. The purpose is to make it less demanding for businesses, researchers, health professionals and citizens to gain access to and use data that can help explain people’s health and diseases and provide a basis for development of digital health solutions.

The Healthcare Data Exchange will provide

• An overview of health databases and health providers in Denmark
• Quality assessment of individual health databases
• Knowledge about alternative relevant data sources
• Access to potential partners
• A speedier application process

Search the Danish health databases on The Data Map:

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