Copenhagen: A living healthtech lab

A hub for new citizen-centred healthcare solutions

Like many developed countries, Denmark is facing growing demand for healthcare services due to an aging population and an increasing group of chronically ill patients. The Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster (CHC) has been created to meet these challenges by remodelling the provision of care in order to provide improved citizen-centred solutions for hospitals, institutions, elderly homes and home care.

A leading healthcare innovation hub

As part of Medicon Valley, one of Europe’s leading life science clusters, Copenhagen brings together major universities as well as biotech, medtech and life science companies. It is also home to a number of global healthcare companies, including Coloplast, Ambu, Falck, Philips and Novo Nordisk.

Copenhagen offers many advantages as a test and development centre for healthcare and health technology solutions:

  • Strong academic institutions specialising in healthtech, including the Technological University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen.
  • A comprehensive health IT infrastructure and public investment of EUR 5.6 billion in new ‘super hospital’ healthcare facilities.
  • An existing network of innovative small and medium-sized companies in medtech, healthcare IT, and healthcare consulting.
  • A regional network of test centres and living labs focusing on clinical testing and healthtech innovation.
  • Easily accessible current and historical electronic health data, such as personal registries, that allow researchers to follow the course of a disease.
  • IT-savvy citizens who are open to testing new technologies.
  • A proven track record of public-private partnerships.

You can read more about the small and medium-sized companies in Copenhagen on the Healthcare Denmark and Welfare Tech websites. To find out more about public-private partnerships in Copenhagen, please visit the website of the non-profit organisation MedCom.